The Company

The Company

  • An independent, Swiss asset manager
  • Founded in 2000 by Thomas Beckenbauer in Stansstad / Nidwalden
  • Since 2012, based in Schaffhausen
  • With international partners in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria
  • Licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
  • Under the supervision of AOOS – Schweizerische Aktiengesellschaft für Aufsicht
  • A member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers – SAAM


Experience and knowledge – these are the essential foundations of our activities. They ensure the high quality and success of our commitment to our clients’ concerns and objectives. Why not make use of our skills for your success too?

Thomas Beckenbauer


Thomas Beckenbauer is the founder of SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG and served as its director until July 2014. His many years of international experience in the field of wealthy private clients, including at Hypo Vereinsbank in Munich and Luxembourg make him an accomplished professional. At the beginning of his career as a financial expert, he trained as a banker and worked for several years as a self-employed businessman. After studying practical business management and undergoing a training programme at McKinsey, Thomas Beckenbauer moved to Hypo Vereinsbank. Since 1999, he has worked as an independent investment adviser.

You reach Mr. Beckenbauer at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-28
Email: thomas.beckenbauer(at)

Daniela Errico


After her training as a bank clerk in 1993 in the Sparkasse Finance Group, she developed her skills in private client advisory and found her way to Credit Suisse AG in Schaffhausen in 2008. Over the past 15 years, Mrs. Errico has been able to use her expertise there and has been responsible for looking after wealthy clients in private banking. During this time, she coordinated the team management for the locations in St. Gallen, Kreuzlingen and Schaffhausen for the German area for 4 years. Her top priority is to provide needs-based client advice. Her many years of experience in the field of asset management allow Mrs. Errico to respond individually to the goals and wishes of her clients with a comprehensive understanding. We are pleased that Mrs. Errico will be joining our asset management team from mid-August 2023.

You reach Mrs. Errico at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-44
Email: daniela.errico(at)

Frank Feltes


Mr. Frank Feltes completed his business studies at Saarland University.
Before joining SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG, he worked, among others, for the Deutsche Bank between 1992 and 2004. From there, he moved to Consorsbank, where he worked in asset management, before establishing himself as an independent investment advisor under the liability umbrella of FiNet Asset Management AG in Marburg. In view of his profound education in the financial sector, we are pleased to have won Mr. Feltes as asset manager for SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG.

You reach Mr. Feltes at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-21
Email: frank-feltes(at)

Rolf Hummel


Rolf Hummel has been working as an asset manager for SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG since 01.06.2012. His extensive expertise in the field of general finance is based not just on thorough education and training (banker, degree in banking economics and finance economics at the European Business School), but also on many years of experience in asset management. Until 2006, he worked at the Sparkasse organisation, most recently as Head of Asset Management. In private banking at Credit Suisse Schaffhausen, Rolf Hummel has been an account manager for international wealthy clients for six years.

You reach Mr. Hummel at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-32
Email: rolf.hummel(at)

Bernhard Kefer


Bernhard Kefer has been working as an asset manager for SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG since 01.06.2012. After completing his training as a banker and banking specialist, he gained broad experience over many years as an account manager for wealthy private clients at the Sparkasse organisation. In 1999, he moved to Credit Suisse in Schaffhausen, where he was in Private Banking until retiring at senior management level as Vice President for International Wealthy Clients. His extensive knowledge – enhanced by constant education and training in all areas of investment – forms the basis for his successful cooperation with clients.

You reach Mr. Kefer at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-31
Email: bernhard.kefer(at)

Reto Poltera


After completing his training as a banker, Reto Poltera quickly found his way to his passion, investment advice and asset management. At Credit Suisse AG and during his last 12 years in private banking at Schaffhauser Kantonalbank, Reto Poltera was responsible for looking after and advising wealthy private clients. His sound specialist knowledge – combined with his 25 years of experience – creates the ideal conditions for a trusting and successful collaboration with our discerning clientele.

Mr Reto Poltera has been working as an asset manager for SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG since September 2021.

You reach Mr. Poltera at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-27
Email: reto.poltera(at)

Anette Gerichhausen


The SWAM mourns the loss of its dear and much appreciated colleague Anette Gerichhausen.

06.03.1963 – 15.01.2023

Beatrice Heinemann


Beatrice Heinemann has been working as an assistant for SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG since 01.09.2014. After completing her banking training, she spent more than 20 years with Credit Suisse AG in the field of investment advice, especially in the administrative sector. Her extensive back office expertise is based not just on her far-reaching training as a banker, but also on numerous further training courses.

You reach Mrs. Heinemann at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-28
Email: beatrice.heinemann(at)

Miriam Karaboga


Miriam Karaboga joined SwAM Swiss Asset Management AG on 01.03.2022 as an assistant.
She trained as a bank clerk and worked as an assistant in private banking at Credit Suisse AG, Wegelin & Co. Privatbankiers/Notenstein La Roche Privatbank and Vontobel in recent years.
She can now optimally use her many years of experience in the administrative area at SwAM.

You reach Mrs. Karaboga at:
Tel.: +41 41 612 28-28
Email: miriam.karaboga(at)


Since the time our company was founded, our corporate philosophy has always been based on traditional values​; and, in particular, on independence, transparency and quality.  The centrepiece of our work is asset management – and we do this exclusively in the interests of our clients.  We have a free choice of financial products, which means that we can offer conflict-free and consistently transparent customer service.

Hence, every one of our clients benefits from total price transparency  (There are no hidden costs)  and not least, also from an independent custodian bank, which is there to carry out cost-effective processing of securities orders.

Other major features of our philosophy and our business model include the continuity and trust  that always characterize our partnership with our clients. Our support for an exclusive clientele  means you get more time from us and more personalized advice. On request, we will also be happy to advise you at home.

We always put our many years of experience  in the capital markets to work in the best possible way whenever we assist clients.  We invest. We do not speculate.  In practice, that means we minimize risk through the selection of high-quality investments.

Last but not least, financial advice also needs to meet quality standards ->That is why we are committed to ongoing training and self-improvement!


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