Many successful entrepreneurs would like to give back at least some of what they have managed to create over the years and decades. For example, by some kind of dedicated cultural or social commitment. Other company bosses are thinking very early on about appropriate, efficient and, above all, conflict-free succession planning. Either way, creating a foundation could be something well worth doing.

You come up with the idea. We’ll do the rest; and we’ll take care of everything – right up to actual formation of the foundation. When it comes to making your life’s work live on though creating a foundation, you’re going to need some sound advice and practical experience. And, of course, you will also need some confidence that we are the right partner for you. We will show you the various foundation conceptions available. That will give you the best basis to decide on what you think will be the best option – and the most appropriate – foundation model. Our competent, individualized advice, in which we also make use of proven experts in tax and legal affairs, can be taken for granted. And just as self-evident is the fact that we will be happy to manage your foundation’s assets for you – competently and reliably.