Would you like to leave the management of your assets to experienced, reliable professionals? And, of course, are you also looking for a transparent and fair fee model? Then we suggest partnership on a fee basis. Together, we can sit down and work out the costs and the benefits. Using this fee model, our successful way of working will mainly be to your benefit. Which should be self-evident in a trusting, long-term partnership.

Individualized asset management is our top priority. Based on your requirements, we will develop some tailor-made plans and then implement them in close consultation with you. Our investment strategy is geared towards the long term. It follows a consistent and clearly structured investment process. At the same time, it is subject to continuous plausibility checks: this involves considering any opportunities and risks that may arise in relation to current and expected developments in the global financial markets.

The Asset Management Business Relationship

This means you get: Security!


You do not give us a generalized power of disposition over the custody account that needs to be managed. Instead, you give us a transactional power of attorney, which authorizes us – in accordance with your instructions – to transact purchases and sales. Transfers to third-party accounts can only be made with your signature.

Insolvency Security

In the event that our company were to become insolvent, your custody account would not be affected:
Your custody account is your property

If the custodian bank were to become insolvent, the custody account would remain unaffected:
The custody account holder is you