Since the time our company was founded, our corporate philosophy has always been based on traditional values​; and, in particular, on independence, transparency and quality.  The centrepiece of our work is asset management – and we do this exclusively in the interests of our clients.  We have a free choice of financial products, which means that we can offer conflict-free and consistently transparent customer service.

Hence, every one of our clients benefits from total price transparency  (There are no hidden costs)  and not least, also from an independent custodian bank, which is there to carry out cost-effective processing of securities orders.

Other major features of our philosophy and our business model include the continuity and trust  that always characterize our partnership with our clients. Our support for an exclusive clientele  means you get more time from us and more personalized advice. On request, we will also be happy to advise you at home.

We always put our many years of experience  in the capital markets to work in the best possible way whenever we assist clients.  We invest. We do not speculate.  In practice, that means we minimize risk through the selection of high-quality investments.

Last but not least, financial advice also needs to meet quality standards ->That is why we are committed to ongoing training and self-improvement!